Moving my Blog Tuesday, Sep 3 2013


Moving my Blog Tuesday, Sep 3 2013 

Thank you to my followers, I am migrating my content over to my website!!


Thank you!




CopyPress Concept Bank Wednesday, Apr 17 2013 

CopyPress Concept Bank

As a self proclaimed “spreadsheet junkie” I love an awesome useful spreadsheet! I found this on Its a great tool to use to keep track of new ideas/concepts for us Bloggers and Writers!  Just sharing to be nice:) Enjoy!!

To use:

  • Click on Doc
  • Log In to your Google account
  • Click: File> Make a copy

Scam or legit? You be the judge. Tuesday, Apr 16 2013 

I’m a little behind on my blog! I’ve been really swamped the last few days, but I have been receiving a lot (alot for me) of likes for my Content Mills article. Writing tutorials or business/marketing ventures were not in my purpose for this particular blog, but I came across something that I wanted to ask some of you about. I received a like from fellow blogger “reachingutopia” (to whom I mean absolutely NO disrespect to at all in this post), after following this blog, I was promised a video in my email, and after some more clicking around I came upon their “Empower Network“. It’s one of the many sites out there offering you priceless knowledge on internet marketing and claiming to be able to teach you to make over $3000 per day!!

I did some research and actually found quite a few “Scam alerts”, Some of the articles are actually members of the network posting articles that claim a scam, to which a real Empower Network Affiliate responds with their supposed success story, and of course their affiliate link. Here is the best, most honest blogger I could find who really delved into the investigation of the company. I can’t take credit for any of the discoveries, so here is his page (click here)..Check it out and tell me…………………Empower Network: scam or legit?

Are you an Internet Leech? Sunday, Apr 14 2013 


What made you decide not to be an internet leech anymore? Or are you still contemplating? I mean this as an endearing term, I never mean to offend any of my readers, just to put that out there. But if you think of all the content on the entire internet, (a number we simply cannot fathom, close to half a billion websites by the way; source here…) then there is plenty of content to go around. I have searched, and logged in, clicked on and read and read and printed and copy and pasted and used images for YEARS.

At what point did you start to contribute or consider contributing? At what point do we realize that in this world full of endless information, in a world where you can Google the next best thing to Grandma’s secret recipe and click a few times to see the First lady’s credit report, that its time to give back? After years of hoarding information and images, will we ever be able to contribute enough? Perhaps we will only be able to give back a fraction of what we have used. If only a small percentage of us ever give back, at what point does it matter? How many people in our life do we know that only ever take information and data from the internet, and never think twice about adding something to it? Half a billion websites, but over 7 billion people in the world and according to this site, only a little over 2 billion of us have internet access, think about how much more information there could be! That leaves 1 billion and a half that aren’t giving back. It is something that can really make you think, and maybe even feel a little guilty; all take and no give. Not this blogger, I’m giving back! And thank you to my entire fellow minded “givers “out there. Tell me, if anything, what made you decide to give back to the World Wide Web?

Content Mills for Writers. Friday, Apr 12 2013 

Today I woke up and felt like writing! This is something I need to take advantage of, because I usually don’t write until late evening. I am attributing this to my project; I was praying on my goal as per the book and I feel God putting things in my path, and in my heart. I am thankful for all positive things God puts in my heart and especially thankful when I realize it, I cannot tell you how many times I take things for granted , realizing the work he is doing in my life makes me feel elated!

Today’s subject is writing. I have recently begun to explore this passion I have, it’s the only passion I have really had consistently, except for my daughter, she is also a constant passion in my life. That is a subject for another post!

I have been receiving wonderful emails from some of the writing websites I have signed up to, it really is an awesome thing to receive helpful emails in my inbox every day. I feel the need to share them with you, maybe someone out there is struggling to get into a writing career and so I will share my experience with you .

I’ve known about content mills for awhile and actually signed up for two : and, about 6 months ago. These two sites are basically job boards for any person who fits criteria for Employers that have registered. On both Freelancer and Guru, you will find; not only writing assignments,  but also jobs for Data entry, Website building and many other tech savvy positions. I have never actually received a job from them. Although I submitted some writing samples to the positions asking, I was never accepted as a worker. It is kind of like applying to a job you have no real experience for, that old vicious cycle.  How can I gain experience if an employer wont give me a chance, but yet Employers are looking for people with experience.  Writers has to start somewhere!! Chicken or the egg people!!

Today’s email is from one of my favorite writers resources; The website owner is Carol, read about her here.  This site is full of endless articles written for starving writers trying to get their foot in the door and make a living writing. It has contributions from writers just starting out in the business and from others like Carol who are living out their dream of making a living writing. The link is here. I always make sure to click through to the actual page instead of just reading it in my email, to make sure Carol gets credit for her work. This is an important step in bloggers community. Carol may have over 6,000 subscribers as her bio boasts, but if only 2,000 visit her site on a daily basis, it can cut into her actual income, this I learned about here, another awesome site with a following. The blogger on this site has been ever so gracious as to give us spoilers into the way that she earns an living as blogger, after over 2 years of hard work!  Checkout as Beckie gives us the scoop on blogging and offers what seems like hundreds of tutorials on DIY for the kids and for the home. Great source for the blogger and Crafter in you!

I hope this site offers information to you to shed light on Content Mills/Farms. If you are just diving into the writing process and are considering using a content mill, read the featured articles for some wonderful information from those with experience.

UPDATE:  Although I believe certain Content Mills are not good and can saturate the market, I checked out in hopes for some enlightenment…This site at first glance is an awesome site, if you are in need of quick quality content for your blog, business or website! For as little as $1.50 an article, you can add to your content within 3 hours (minimum time allotted to finish a project.) The key thing to remember as to why any qualified writer would want to sign up for a site that pays so little is that there is a REAL chance to pick up a permanent client through these sites. For instance: say a prospective employer requests a 500 word article on “Food Prep for Gourmet Vegan Dishes”, this happens to be your are of expertise, so you submit your awesome article, but only get paid $10.81. Fast forward 3 days, and this Employer would like to bring you on board writing 2 articles per day/5 days/week at 25.00 an article. Its a start, and it will get your foot in the door and give your confidence a boost as a Professional writer. I have found so many different opinions on these sites, for instance here, this writer refers to these sites as “Writer’s traps. The saturation of the writing market, and those willing to write for pennies have indeed contributed to making it difficult for other writers to make a a decent living, solely on their writing.   I visited and signed up as a new writer to check things out a little. At first glance, the site is marketed towards those looking for “quality content”. How easy it is to pay for articles, even to pay for posts on a blog! Theoretically, this very post could be a purchased article from this site, where I can pay as little as $1.50 for a 500 word article!!! If I needed product reviews, or a daily addition to pretty much any subject of my choosing, there are writers on the other end waiting to see my needs posted on the job board. Just my thoughts, I see positive and negative..Good luck to those who try it out, let me know how it goes.:)

Sick day Tuesday, Mar 5 2013 

Today miss M is home sick. Yesterday she was sneezy but with good spirits. ..I guess she was sent to the office to be checked;  they didn’t call me though. .I guess they didn’t think it warranted a phone call.So today I kept her home. She doesn’t have a fever just a ton of mucus. I can tell dhe doesn’t feel horrible because she is bugging me to play Candyland for the 7th  time in 2 days.She has a full appetite too ..needless to say she is driving me berzerk..ignoring my push to “rest”. Desparate I searched for activities to keep her entertained. Check out these links if your kiddo is antsy on their sick day.

Holiday Ho hum? Saturday, Dec 22 2012 

Shopping! Presents! Toys! Buy this…buy that…sale here sale there.  According to the television and radio ads ..all Christmas is really for is buying gifts. Granted you buy things for those you love..and seeing them happy is a great reward..but why is CONSUMERISM the only focus anymore? Our children are surrounded by ads telling them that their parents and family should buy them more and more every year. When is the last time you saw a commercial reminding us the real “reason for the season”? We run around buying this and that and then buying fancy paper to wrap it in…up until the stores close on Christmas Eve. SOME STORES AREN’T CLOSING FOR CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR!  All this to be torn through Christmas morning and thats it?All of that preparation for an hour of excitement..and I haven’t even mentioned the aftermath of those purchases. Some people are so concerned with purchasing the right things they overspend and max themselves out..they are tight for the rest of the month and fall behind in other areas.  I can’t help but get frustrated because we are forgetting the priceless things that the Holidays bring.

Product Review #1 Thursday, Sep 27 2012 

Unnecessary Product of the Day – Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller
Don’t ask me why I fall for these products sometimes. I bought this awhile ago, before I was on the “All natural” band wagon, I would never purchase this now. Besides containing mostly ingredients that I can’t pronounce, it has a few dyes, and a few ingredients that are carcinogens-questionably. It also has an ingredient that may or may not be linked to the progression of Alzheimer’s!! Yay! I’m so glad I rubbed that on my eyes for a week. And of course it contains pigments derived from animals. It can’t all be that bad; the tube says it has Lemon Extract. Woohoo. I’m always in a desperate search for something to help with my dark circles, although deep down I know it’s just hereditary and will never change. Once again I’m a victim of consumerism. Cost to buy this now from Walgreens is $12.99!  I’m sure I had a coupon at the time. One product out..only about a million left. 🙂

Hello world! Thursday, Sep 27 2012 

HI!  I’m a proud mother of a 4 year old girl and soon to be step- mother to two awesome boys aged 4 & 6!! I’m starting this blog, just as it says, in a search for Inner Peace aka..I have too much in my head, I need to put it somewhere!!! Bear with me, as its my first time blogging. I’m currently struggling to begin my writing career, and this will blog will serve as a detailed account of that and my everyday life. Thank you for visiting. Please submit requests for blogs, topics to cover, Help with DIY and anything else you have on your mind!!!