Shopping! Presents! Toys! Buy this…buy that…sale here sale there.  According to the television and radio ads ..all Christmas is really for is buying gifts. Granted you buy things for those you love..and seeing them happy is a great reward..but why is CONSUMERISM the only focus anymore? Our children are surrounded by ads telling them that their parents and family should buy them more and more every year. When is the last time you saw a commercial reminding us the real “reason for the season”? We run around buying this and that and then buying fancy paper to wrap it in…up until the stores close on Christmas Eve. SOME STORES AREN’T CLOSING FOR CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR!  All this to be torn through Christmas morning and thats it?All of that preparation for an hour of excitement..and I haven’t even mentioned the aftermath of those purchases. Some people are so concerned with purchasing the right things they overspend and max themselves out..they are tight for the rest of the month and fall behind in other areas.  I can’t help but get frustrated because we are forgetting the priceless things that the Holidays bring.