Unnecessary Product of the Day – Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller
Don’t ask me why I fall for these products sometimes. I bought this awhile ago, before I was on the “All natural” band wagon, I would never purchase this now. Besides containing mostly ingredients that I can’t pronounce, it has a few dyes, and a few ingredients that are carcinogens-questionably. It also has an ingredient that may or may not be linked to the progression of Alzheimer’s!! Yay! I’m so glad I rubbed that on my eyes for a week. And of course it contains pigments derived from animals. It can’t all be that bad; the tube says it has Lemon Extract. Woohoo. I’m always in a desperate search for something to help with my dark circles, although deep down I know it’s just hereditary and will never change. Once again I’m a victim of consumerism. Cost to buy this now from Walgreens is $12.99!  I’m sure I had a coupon at the time. One product out..only about a million left. 🙂