I’m a little behind on my blog! I’ve been really swamped the last few days, but I have been receiving a lot (alot for me) of likes for my Content Mills article. Writing tutorials or business/marketing ventures were not in my purpose for this particular blog, but I came across something that I wanted to ask some of you about. I received a like from fellow blogger “reachingutopia” (to whom I mean absolutely NO disrespect to at all in this post), after following this blog, I was promised a video in my email, and after some more clicking around I came upon their “Empower Network“. It’s one of the many sites out there offering you priceless knowledge on internet marketing and claiming to be able to teach you to make over $3000 per day!!

I did some research and actually found quite a few “Scam alerts”, Some of the articles are actually members of the network posting articles that claim a scam, to which a real Empower Network Affiliate responds with their supposed success story, and of course their affiliate link. Here is the best, most honest blogger I could find who really delved into the investigation of the company. I can’t take credit for any of the discoveries, so here is his page (click here)..Check it out and tell me…………………Empower Network: scam or legit?