What made you decide not to be an internet leech anymore? Or are you still contemplating? I mean this as an endearing term, I never mean to offend any of my readers, just to put that out there. But if you think of all the content on the entire internet, (a number we simply cannot fathom, close to half a billion websites by the way; source here…) then there is plenty of content to go around. I have searched, and logged in, clicked on and read and read and printed and copy and pasted and used images for YEARS.

At what point did you start to contribute or consider contributing? At what point do we realize that in this world full of endless information, in a world where you can Google the next best thing to Grandma’s secret recipe and click a few times to see the First lady’s credit report, that its time to give back? After years of hoarding information and images, will we ever be able to contribute enough? Perhaps we will only be able to give back a fraction of what we have used. If only a small percentage of us ever give back, at what point does it matter? How many people in our life do we know that only ever take information and data from the internet, and never think twice about adding something to it? Half a billion websites, but over 7 billion people in the world and according to this site, only a little over 2 billion of us have internet access, think about how much more information there could be! That leaves 1 billion and a half that aren’t giving back. It is something that can really make you think, and maybe even feel a little guilty; all take and no give. Not this blogger, I’m giving back! And thank you to my entire fellow minded “givers “out there. Tell me, if anything, what made you decide to give back to the World Wide Web?